Into the woods of dappled light …

Into the woods of dappled light …

Just beyond the meadow of blossoming clover, soft and fair …

Are the woods of dappled light which beckons all to freely come.

We cannot sense the destination only the life around our cares,

Still walk we must, venturing forth adding only to the unknown sum.


For there is much to see and much to note as we seek our way …

Essence in the leaves of days yet undiscovered colored green and bold.

What is all new and laden with dew midst the branches as they sway,

is mingled with ancient wood of legacy giving as much life as it is old.


What will be of us, if we remain in the meadow rolling soft and fair … 

and venture not into the unfamiliar woods of nuanced dappled light?

Will we stay or go, following what the dancing rays offer willing to share,

joyfully lit, yet fully challenged of adventure, trial, beauty and delight?


So what becomes of us will always be in the look and the simple choice …

always unknown but time to fill along the winding trail just beyond the glade.

Our faith gently pulls and pushes us forward, giving life and lifting voice,

in what the woods of dappled light will gift us in the journey we have made.


It is easy to remain in the comfortable. It is easy to stay in places of the familiar and friendly.  These are always meadows of what we know and what we have. The ease and calm of these places of remaining in the secure and the known can be our undoing. It can also be deadening to our faith.


There is unknown place just beyond the meadows of the comfortable life. It beckons and intrigues us but it is unknown.  Most people even as they see edge of this place just beyond do not go forward but remain in what they know and believe.  Jesus spoke of the way beyond the way that was.  To the “Rich Young Ruler” it was the way of journeying beyond what he had done in comfort to a place of life in the surrender in the unknown.  We can stay in places of comfort or we venture forth into the dappled light of faith and find life.


But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls (Hebrews 11:39, ESV)

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