God is more …

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus, to all generations forever and ever. Amen”

(Ephesians 3:20, NASB).

      In the chambers of the human heart and mind are needs and thoughts that are both good and bad. In both our emotions and in our minds, there is a clamoring for more. Our sin, which enters our hearts and minds through our own human desires of lusting, coveting and greed, can be relentless in it clamoring for more. Our sinful heart always pushes and demands more even though we may find less in the empty and unfulfilled promises left from the effects of sin and its consequences.

      Beyond all sin and because our sin is redeemed by Jesus Christ comes a deeper desire in our hearts to be in fellowship and relationship with our Creator God. We were created in His image and we were created for relationship with Him. Deep down in all of us, there is a desire for the more that only God can give. When Jesus walked on this earth, as God in the flesh, we see many looking to Him for more because they were sensing in their hearts, He had more to give. Sadly many missed His purpose and mission because they wanted Him to bring more power to deliver them from the Roman nation.

      The truth, remains the truth today. Jesus as the Christ was more and brought more. The more He was and the more He brought involved truth, deliverance and victory in the deeper spiritual realms and matters of their hearts. Those who found the truth and life were those that desired more of His power over sickness, darkness and the demonic forces which oppressed and tormented them. Jesus saw their needs and time and time again, gave more healing and freedom than they could ever have imagined.

      It is sad to miss the more which God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit can give. God is vastly and abundantly more than we can imagine or comprehend and thus God can give more than we can imagine or comprehend. Since God is more, He will always give more. Since God is more, there will always be more of what we need for any moment and His grace will be more than sufficient for every day of our living (2 Corinthians 12:9). What an incredible relationship we are blessed to have with this Living God through Jesus Christ. Praise God, for He is always able to give more than we can ever imagine or comprehend.

     Our trouble often comes in our deficiency in seeing God as more. We at times, see God as less because we trust in our own understanding. Trust in the truth that God is more and can do more. The truth will always be truth. God is more and it does not change because we fail to believe and trust. God is able to do abundantly beyond all we can ask or think. We just have to believe and trust in the God who can do more than we can imagine or understand.

“God is not what you imagine or what you think you understand. If you understand, you have failed.” Saint Augustine

Suggested Reading … Ephesians 3



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