Desiring the Spirit of God

“Do not be filled up with the empty beverages of the earth focused life … this only leads to foolish living and endless unfulfilled stupors, but desire the eternal nectar of the Holy Spirit so that you may be filled to overflowing with the presence of God in every aspect of your life and find the countless blessings He wants to give you (Paraphrase – Ephesians 5:18).”

We seek so much of what the world values as we live our lives out on this earth. Many times we are seeking clichés, fame, fortune and fanfare which in the end are very shallow in significance and empty of any lasting value. God’s purposes and plans and the leading He brings through His Spirit take us to attributes and new life brimming with great significance and overflowing with eternal value. What would our lives be like, if we truly desired more and more of the direction of the indwelling presence, fruit and ministries of the Spirit of God?

The Holy Spirit creates new in us, crusades beside us, comforts us in all times, clarifies us, convicts us, and completes us by bringing forth new revelation while deepening our understanding of the revealed and eternal Word of God by His abiding and living presence in our spirit, heart and mind.

The Holy Spirit is “The Creator” as creates us as a new creation and brings forth fruit in that new creation. He is “The Crusader” because not only does He battle alongside us and His power is endless, as He is God. The Holy Spirit is “The Comforter” because He speaks the truth and brings the promises of God to us at all times. He is “The Clarifier” as He teaches us and deepens our relationship with the Living Christ. He is perfect as “The Convictor” of sin because His convicting is perfectly and completely true serving only the purposes of God in sanctifying us. The Holy Spirit is “The Completer” of all prayers as he carries and completes all prayers before the throne of God and is the seal of our inheritance of eternal life.

The Holy Spirit is God and what He gives us, is truly beyond our comprehension. The Holy Spirit is Christ alive in our life, thus we should be as desperate for Him as we are for air itself. In order for us to be fully alive in the spirit, we must breathe deeply of the Holy Spirit. Desire ever more of Him and yield your heart, soul, mind and spirit to Him, and you will never be disappointed. He will fill you over and over again, and you will overflow with the richness and bounty of all He will give to you.

Suggested Reading – John 14

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