Meeting the Savior on our rebellious roads …


“For by grace are ye saved through faith …” (Ephesians 2:8, KJ21).

For centuries … parents, poets, politicians, philosophers, teachers, preachers, psychologists and writers have walked down the descriptive and analytical pathways of the metaphor of life being a road. These varied helpers have tried to help others navigate their own roads by offering insights and advice on the difficulties of roads being both considered and traveled by those under their responsibility or care and direction. Warnings have issued and warnings have been ignored. Advice has been offered and advice has been cast aside like unneeded excessive baggage into the adjoining ditch on these many and varied roads called life.

There seems to be in the heart of all human beings, a sense of stubborn ignorant, selfish and rebellious determination to walk down roads of our own choosing. We walk by the warning signs of experience, we shrug off the concern of those who would help us and we fail to consider the timeless advice from our God just because we want to go our own way on the roads that we want to walk down.

Roads of lust, coveting, greed and desire. Roads of pride and unconcern. Roads of power and self-absorption. Ancient ill-advised treacherous roads that seem new and fresh only because we are foolish and unwise to believe we are better equipped than the myriads of those tripped up on these dangerous pathways. How utterly vain and ridiculous we as human beings can be! How desperately we need a Savior with an endless supply of grace!

What a blessed reality to find a Savior with such an amazing grace on the rebellious roads each of us have travel throughout the days of our lives. Patient grace that knows every detail of our foolish journeys on roads that end at the cliff sides of danger and destruction to catch us as we fall. Immense and powerful grace, that intervenes to stop us from harming ourselves and others through the mysterious and miraculous presence of a Savior who uses people, places and things to help us. Welcome and inviting grace that redeems our choice of roads, again and again. It was grace that redeemed an adulterous David and proud Saul on their poorly chosen roads and it will be grace that will redeem us on our roads of life as well. Thanks be to God for the Savior that meets all of us on our ill-advised and badly chosen rebellious roads in life!

Suggested Reading … Psalm 51, Acts 9:1-9

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