Being Peace

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (Matthew 5:9, KJV)

How is peace secured and how is peace given? Sometimes much is required to secure peace and much has to be given up for peace to come to particular situations. Christ is our peace and He secured our peace by bringing each of us who were far off in our sin and secured our position as a peaceful place as “Children of God” (Ephesians 2:14). It is in this living and vital relationship as a “Child of God” that we live with an unlimited access to His peace and an endless gifting of the “peace that passes understanding” (Philippians 4:7). He is and will always be a peace readily available in the midst of any discord, dysfunction, disease, disruption and disaster that we may encounter I our lives.

So how do we bring peace to others? We must learn to live and abide in the peace of Christ before we can ever bring His eternal peace to bear in any situation or to give His peace to anyone else. His peace will not be present in any of our actions coming from the determinations and demands originating g from our own human hearts. The default position of the human heart is not about peace but about selfish desires and intentions.

Those who work for peace are truly “Peacemakers,” when they desire and work for a peace beyond their feelings. The peace that God blesses is the peace that Christ brings. For Christ’s peace to be present in any given situation, requires the release of our will to His. Our devotion to Him and His will becomes a path for His peace to be released into the situation. We become His peacemakers as we are living in obedience to Him by being at peace with those around us. When we abide in Christ’s peace and desire and bring His peace into every moment, we will be called “Children of God.” Being a true and peaceful “Child of God” will always be a satisfying and peaceful place to live out the days of your life!

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. (Romans 12:18, ESV)

Suggested Bible Reading … Romans 12

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